Donor FAQ

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Where are your donation booths located?

Our donation booths are situated around Singapore for donors ease, the donation banks are at;

Bishan: 20 Bishan, Street 22 S579768 (TSA Headquarters – Visitors Car Park)
Bukit Timah: 500 Upper Bukit Timah Road S678106 (Praisehaven)
Hougang: 3 Lorong Napiri (off Yio Chu Kang Road) S547528 (Gracehaven)
Jurong East: 31 International Business Park S609921
Jurong East: No. 2 Jurong East Street 21 S609601 (IMM open air carpark)
Mandai: No. 1 Mandai Link Road S728650 (Mandai Station)
Pasir Panjang: 350 Pasir Panjang Road S118692 (The Haven)
Queenstown: 356 Tanglin Road S247674 (Tanglin Family Hub)
Upper Changi: 1 Changi Business Park Central 1 S486036 (One @ Changi City)
For operating hours of our donation booths, please click on Please deposit your items within the donation booth to ensure that your donations reach those it is intended for.

*Please do not drop off bulky items and furniture at the donation booths, due to safety reasons. Instead, do call us at 6288 5438 or text us via WhatsApp at 8520 5343 for assistance.

Please give background of the Salvation Army thrift stores

The Salvation Army Family Thrift Stores began with the formation of the Red Shield Industries in 1996. It was set up to handle the collection of donations-in-kind from donors giving to The Salvation Army. The Red Shield Industries run a total of five Family Stores island wide and its purpose is to retail the donations-in-kind to the general public and to needy families at affordable prices. This process of retail generates funds for The Salvation Army’s community and social programs.

Please give the process before these items are sold to customers.

For the process – reception of DIK from our collection trucks. The items are sorted, checked for functionality, cleaned and packed for storage and supply for local retail sales, wholesale for export, humanitarian aids for local and overseas. Unsuitable recyclables like paper, metal and plastics are scrapped and send to material recovery centres for recycling purpose. All other remaining waste is disposed by public waste collectors for incineration

What happens to those donated items which are not sold at the thrift stores?

Those items which are not sold at the family thrift stores are packed for wholesale export

What is the price range of the items sold? (Cheapest to the most expensive)

Our prices start from $1 onwards

What are some of the popular items bought by customers at these stores?

Apparels, Furniture and Gifts/Souvenirs

How has the response been at Salvation Army’s family thrift stores?

Response at our Thrift Stores is still on the rise as indicated by our customer count records. For the last 3 years plus, our sales have been on the incremental.

My donations are retailed?

Yes, your donations are retailed at our Family Thrift Stores. The items are inexpensively priced and our stores are open to needy families and the general public. Our store locations are at;

Praisehaven Mega Family Store No.500 Upper Bukit Timah Road (S) 678106
Tanglin Mega Family Store No.356 Tanglin Road (S) 247674
IMH Pick & Choose Thrift Store No.10 Buangkok View (S) 539747 (within IMH complex)
Hope Centre Family Thrift Store No.7 Upper Changi Road North (S) 507705
Bukit Merah Family Thrift Store Blk 133 Jalan Bukit Merah #01-1530 (S) 160133

Since Red Shield Industries is the leading charity recycling service; do you accept newspapers, plastic bottles, etc?

We recycle donated items by retailing the items at our Family Thrift Stores; we do not however specifically recycle newspaper, glass and plastic per sē.

What types of donation do the Red Shield Industries accept?

Our wish-list entails children / adults clothing, shoes, bags, toys, accessories, computers, mobile phones, desks, chairs, cabinets, beds, etc. in ‘Still Good’ condition. In general it would be items that other families (needy families and the general public) would purchase and have use of. We do not accept foods and medicines.

So you collect bulky items, are there any restrictions?

While we do appreciate each and every donation, there are certain guidelines to adhere; our staff will perform a ‘View and Collect’ of your items before they collect. The general condition of the items would determine the viability of collection, as mentioned items will be retailed, hence only items in ‘Still Good’ condition will be received. As we do not have mending stations, we are unable to perform repairs; therefore it is better for donors to find suitable means of removal.

Do you charge for this service?

No we do not, but lieu of the rising operational costs, The Salvation Army have launched an appeal for Voluntary Contributions to help defray the costs. Please note that this appeal is not mandatory, it is to highlight our current situation of providing a free donation collection service amidst the modern day’s inflating operational costs. Donors are welcome to contribute $60.00 as a Voluntary Contribution so as to reduce the impact of the additional costs. We will respect the donors decision not to contribute and ensure that each collection job will be committed fairly without prejudice.

I have some items to donate, can you collect it?

Yes, we do provide home collection services. But this service is reserved for donors with bulky donations, items like furniture, refrigerators, televisions, etc. You can contact our hotline and e-mail for collection services;
E-mail: /
Tel: +65 62885438
Whatsapp: +6585205343